BESPOKED exists to celebrate, elevate, & contribute to the sustainability of independent framebuilding

Over the last 11 years, Bespoked has become Europe’s largest and best attended celebration of handmade bicycles and their makers, attracting in excess of 6000 visitors from around the world. It is the place for the public, industry and press to meet independent makers showcasing some of the finest bicycles in the world. The show’s mission is to support framebuilders and help the framebuilding community flourish.

"a continuously high standard of exhibitors year after year."

We recognise that the framebuilding community is the core of what makes Bespoked a special and unique show and we are doing our best to make it accessible to all framebuilders. Whether that’s by exhibiting new builders showcasing their first bikes, providing low-cost sustainable staging to framebuilders, or freezing stand prices. We’re also super excited to offer our first Bespoked SRAM inclusivity scholarship to really drive up the range of builders and bikes at the show.

The people

Run by ex-framebuilder Petor Georgallou (previously of Dear Susan Bicycles) and compadre (and one-time framebuilding intern) Josh Bullock, Bespoked champions independent framebuilders and artisanal makers. There are so many epic stories and often personal relationships that come with the territory of crafting peoples’ ideal and sometimes groundbreaking bicycles, which is a real antidote to the current era of anonymised mass-production. Bespoked gives you the opportunity to delve deep into framebuilding culture, meeting some of the world’s most highly regarded makers and seeing a quality and variety of bikes near unique to the show!

This year we will be hosting two shows!

The Victoria Baths, Manchester, UK : 28-30th June

Dresden Intl. Airport, Dresden, DE : 18th-20th October