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Getting to know the people that make the bikes

Mike Cubbage of Tri-Sept Cycles


This week we meet one of our more unusual exhibitors, Mike Cubbage of Tri-Sept Cycles. Mike has been designing and making frames out of laminated wood for over a decade and has just recently started using laminated bamboo veneers.

How long have you been framebuilding and how did you get into it?


I became a frame builder partly because of a challenge given to me. I took an aluminium 'Y' framed bike I had designed to a Mountain Bike magazine. They showed some interest, but the Managing Director asked me what other material could be used. I gave him a variety including Laminated Wood, and his reply was that if I wanted to continue with this Project, I should go down that route, saying "We all have either Steel, Aluminium or Carbon Fibre framed bikes, but not Wood".


I went back to my drawing board and designed my first Laminated Wood framed bike in 2007. I continued with Wood frames till last year, when I changed to Laminated Bamboo Veneers as my preferred material of choice, because of its superior performance in strength, flexibility and ecological credentials, along with its beauty.


How would you define your style of building?


I would say that you would call my frames 'Eclectic', as they are unique in the market.

Who or what has inspired you?


The construction of the frame was inspired in some ways by the DH 98 Mosquito Fighter Bomber which used a plywood skin, and where the fuselage consisted of 'two halves' bonded together - like my frames are.

How many frames have you built and which has been your favourite?


I have built 6 frames, with 4 in Laminated Wood, which I consider as my prototypes, and 2 in Laminated Bamboo Veneers, which I intend now to fully market.


My favourite frames must be the last two frames I have made, as they are made from my material (Bamboo) of preference.


If someone wants a custom bike from you, what’s the ordering process and how long is your waiting list?


Delivery is approximately 6-8 weeks, with 50% Deposit, and 50% on delivery of Frame/Bike. The waiting list will hopefully grow, as we are exhibiting this year at Cape Expo (in Cape Town), Bespoked 2019 (in Bristol) and Eurobike (in Germany).


What can we expect to see from you at Bespoked 2019?


At Bespoked 2019 we will be displaying two Laminated Bamboo Framed Bicycles. One will be a City/Urban bicycle fitted with 5 Internal Gears, and Front/Back Drum Brakes. The other will be a Road/Race version with Derailleur and Disc Brakes.


And finally, if you weren’t a framebuilder, what would you be?


Frame building is probably going to be my last career job I will have. However I was a Design Engineer, Technical Illustrator and Car Stylist during my career, which have all helped me conceive my Frame designs.

Tri-Sept Cycles

Tri-Sept will be showing two bicycles, each with their Frames constructed from Laminated Bamboo Veneers.

The first will be a City/Urban bicycle compete with 5 Internal Gears and Brakes. The second will be a Road/Race

bicycle fitted with 22no. Derailleur Gears and Disc Brakes.

Maker - Mike Cubbage

Designer - Mike Cubbage

Where - Buckinghamshire