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Fahrradbau Stolz

We are fascinated by the bicycle,a fast and eco-friendly means of transport, a sturdy and inexpensive transport vehicle, an efficient piece of sport equipment and a means of travel that puts you in touch with nature.

All of us are cycling enthusiasts, and we all demand a great deal of our bicycles. The experience that we have gathered over time serves as the basis of our company. It also directly influences both our bicycle construction and our product line.

Maker - Stefan Bellini

Designer - Röbi Stolz

Where - Zurich




+41 (0)44 362 92 90

The Bike's Story


How do you like to approach the blank piece of paper with a client? Any back story on this frame in particular?


This very customer drove a handbuilt stolz bike for more the ten years. Short befor getting  50 years old he decided to make himself a present and buy a new bike, but this time not for his everyday purpose. He had the idea of needing a more sportif and     speedorientaded bike. while discussing his ideas with me we had to learn that he will use  the bike for his way to work, for going to the cinema and a lot more but not specially for speed and racing. So we had to build a bike with light's, fenders, carrier, kickstand and the ability to bring him safe from work back home. But would give him  the feeling of Speed and liveliness as sitting on a speedbike.

- Any technical details you would like to highlight?

We had to lasercut a front-light-holder which fits neatly under the Chris King Headset on top of the Fork-Crown. There are no Carbon-Forks on the market which do includ a satisfying solution for a front light. It' s these detail's what make a interresting frame- and buike-building. I do love to find everlasting  solutions for problems like this.


Any design challenges making this frame?


I wanted to build a frame that gives the customer the expected sporty driving experience, but also provides him with sufficient safety in everyday traffic. Thus, the choice of the head tube angle, the fork with its pre-bend and the wheelbase was extremely important, since small changes have a big impact. But since I've been working on this topic for more than 30 years and I've built up a great deal of expertise, this task was a great success.


Tubeset choice, any specifics for this frame?


The specification of the Material Titan came from the customer. I then had to look with the tube diameter, tube shapes and wall thicknesses to achieve the desired driving experience for the customer. So that the rigidity of the frame does not affect too much on the driver's sense of comfort, I deliberately did not choose to large diameters of the tubes and reduced the wall thickness, as it was still possible under the aspect of longevity. Thus, the tube set K 19 by Dedacciai was our choice.


 Paint/design/look, any thoughts on this generally and with this frame.


In most cases, the design, the surface design and the overall picture should be based on the wishes and appearance of the customer. The customer will bring the bike to life in the next few years, cycle with him through everyday life or enjoy life with him. So it's up to me to figure out what the customer really wants and needs. In my opinion, this is the most important and exciting task that awaits me. If, as in this case, the customer accepts the bike with enthusiasm and is still overjoyed after one year, I have reached my goal.


Where this frame will go?


The owner of this bike lives not far from where I work. That means I'll see the bike and him more often. Many of our bikes leave our shop and unfortunately I rarely see them.