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Angel Cycle Works


This week we meet Jose Angel Calabuig of Angel Cycle Works, making titanium frames and components in Spain.

How long have you been framebuilding and how did you get into it?


Since 2008 I have been training, since 2010 building frames. It was an evolution and after having a distributor/store I started to get into the custom world.

How would you define your style of building?


I think that it is quite current and always looking for performance.

Who or what has inspired you?


Many and no one in particular, it is always possible to find something inspiring in any colleague.

How many frames have you built and which has been your favourite?


I have not counted them, but we could say about 100. I do not have any favourite, they're all special.


If someone wants a custom bike from you, what’s the ordering process and how long is your waiting list?


The process is quite simple, I receive an email, if the client has a biomechanical study we use it, if they do not we recommend it, if you are reluctant to do this, we ask you to take a series of measures, with them we elaborate a CAD with the geometry and "we discuss" about it. When we arrive at a final result, we begin with the manufacturing process.

We currently have a two month approx. waiting list.


Where is your favourite place to ride and why?


Anywhere with good company, good views, a good later meal and some laughs…


What can we expect to see from you at Bespoked 2019?


An evolution in terms of quality with Angel Cycle Works and the beginning of a very special and ambitious project with Kimik.


And finally, if you weren’t a framebuilder, what would you be?


I don't know...

Angel Cycle Works

We make custom titanium frames and components with personality, seeking excellence and the best finishes.

Designer - Jose Angel Calabuig / Miguel Angel Perez

Maker - Jose Angel Calabuig

Where - Spain