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Avalanche Cycles

Avalanche Cycles is a Parisian workshop created by Laurent Beurriand and Marie Kervella, both industrial designers. Carried by the love of bicycles and mountain roads, they started Avalanche Cycles in 2018. Avalanche Cycles creates hand-crafted bespoked steel bikes, for men and women. The first road bikes have been tested on the legendary french Alps roads. Each bike is the result of a long dialogue between the customer and the craftsmen, in order to share the beauty of bike creation.

Maker -Marie Kervella & Laurent Beurriand

Designer - Marie Kervella & Laurent Beurriand

Where - Paris

Ember Cycles

Ember Cycles was formed in the summer of 2018, based on a simple idea. "We don't really like anything on the market right now, lets do better."

​We're both design students, studying Industrial Design and Product Design Engineering BSc. After meeting at the end of our first term and bonding over a common love for cycling, karaoke, and making things with our hands, the idea for Ember surfaced as an off-hand comment that quickly took root and refused to die.

​Combining the two differing mentalities of our courses with a shared passion for cycling allows us to create beautiful and high-performing machines that will never let you down.

Maker -

Designer -

Where -


Endemit Pracownia

We are two friends passionate about building bicycles.  We create hand crafted bicycles for adventure, city or mountain rides. Additionally we make custom bike racks. All our products are made from quality steel and powder coated by us in our workshop.


Maker -

Designer -

Where - Poland

Zabraniecka 82 03-787 Warsaw

0048 660 102 022 Gav

0048 668 229 067 Tom


kannon cycles

im Jens,a Chinese who training by Japanese traditional frame builder(Samson) and graduated from Tokyo College of Cycle Design, recently move to German to going future on frame builder,is so nice for me to experience the bicycle in east and west world  Here is my show bike Kundika, im not the first one who open a hole on the tubes of frame,but im also doing painting inside of tubing,i using traditional Chinese long scroll painting on it,im trying to make more detail you could find it out when you getting closer to this frame, hoping you like this bike

Maker - Ye sen

Designer - Ye sen

Where - Pforzheim,Germany


Lord Cycles

I proudly handcraft bicycle frames in Cardiff, because for me it enables my personality, passion and skill to be harnessed into a cherished object that allows you to build memories, experience the world and connect to amazing people.


Maker - Chris Lord

Designer - Chris Lord

Where - Cardiff, Wales






Custom frame builder for Assisted and Manual Bikes.

Maker -

Designer -

Where - Staffordshire UK


Purple Dog Custom Cycles

I make custom bicycle electronics (dynamo/battery lighting, (Di2) chargers, etc.) and the bikes to go with them.

Maker - Nikola Banishki

Designer - Nikola Banishki

Where - France

Rueil-Malmaison, France



Ryden Bikes

Crafting high performance bicycles with a blend of tradition and technology, one by one from a workshop in Berkshire. Customers are deeply involved in the design and build process from start to finish, ensuring that every creation has a story to tell with an emotional connection that will last a lifetime and add a smile to every ride. Frames are generally tig welded and then finished with a high-quality custom paint design.

Maker - Darren Ryden

Designer - Darren Ryden

Where - Berkshire


Twmpa Cycles

Twmpa cycles set-out to design and manufacture the finest gravel bikes in the UK, using unique wooden frames.

Twmpa frames are tough, light, stiff and responsive with a unique ability to absorb vibrations, combining exceptional comfort with remarkable performance and a high level of environmental sustainability.

Wood looks fantastic, is hard-wearing and offers natural shock absorption, making it the perfect eco-friendly frame material for a gravel bike.

Match the best gravel-friendly components with the stunning frame, and you have a bike built for performance, longevity and fun. Stand out, ride hard, turn heads on a twmpa cycle.

Maker - Andrew Dix

Designer - Andrew Dix

Where - Wales

Hay-on-Wye, Powys, UK