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Maruya aims to provide elegant and timeless bicycles. To achieve this goal, Maruya continuously pursues ride quality, finish, and attractive design. These precise frames are made by “NJS"(KEIRIN) artisans, using advanced technologies developed for KEIRIN. The design is based on a Japanese traditional arts motif and finished by arts and craftspeople. Once you have discovered Japanese handmade bicycles, you will wish to possess and ride one. It will be our pleasure to serve you.



Designer - Miyuki Asahiyama

Maker -   Atsundo Tsuruoka

Where - Japan


1154-2-1213, Ichigaocho, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi, 225-0024, Japan

+81 45 532 8468


Bikes say a lot about yourself. Why then should a frame not be every bit as unique as the human being riding it? That's why I love and build custom frames. I don't do production runs. I build bespoke bikes, one by one, starting with design and the geometry to fit you like a glove, continuing with a hacksaw, a file, a TIG welder, a pipe bender and finishing everything off with an extensive manual finish and a bolt on headbadge. If I had a say everybody would ride a custom bike.


Meander Apparel

Meander Apparel is a Scottish clothing brand on mission to simplify life with a sustainable and versatile collection, crafted using the finest performance materials from European suppliers.  The collection is designed to look good in the city and packed with subtle technical details to make it work whether your on the office commute, climbing a Munro or wearing it to the bar after!

Maker - Jill and Steve Henry

Designer -

Where - Scotland

 07913 741 637



After a professional life using my hands, I needed to ‘keep on keeping on’ in retirement. I am a passionate cyclist. I have enjoyed years of commuting to work by bicycle. Sometimes, that was the best bit of the day. I have also undertaken much

longer cycling trips. It therefore seemed reasonable to combine the need to use my hands, and that passion for the bicycle. I built my first frame at Downland Cycles. Thereafter I attended The Bicycle Academy to further develop my skills. I believe that the bike you jump on for a trip to the shops, the bike you commute on, head to the beach on, or go camping on, should be the bike that you just love. After all, why leave your favourite bike in the shed awaiting that rare, dry, and free Saturday morning,? You might as well await the blue moon. Why not ride ‘best’ all of the time?


Maker - Charlie Merivale

Designer - Charlie Merivale

Where - Dorset


moulton bicycles

Dr Alex Moulton pioneered the small wheeled bicycle revolution nearly 50 years ago. All of today's small wheeled cycles owe a debt of gratitude to the original Moulton 'F' frame design which not only introduced and proved the concept of full-size bicycles with small wheels, but also, right from launch in 1962, have utilised front and rear suspension systems for improved comfort and performance. The Moulton bicycle has been developed and refined constantly ever since and is held in high regard throughout the world.

Maker -

Designer -

Where - Wiltshire

The Moulton Bicycle Company, Holt Road, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, BA15 1AH

+44(0)1225 865895



For a couple of years i have combined my work as a bicycle mechanic in a large company with my passion, build them.

In the nor too far future I wish this hobby became my way of life.

M U L L E is located in the north os Spain, in a privileged place between the sea and the mountains, Santander. A place where it's impossible to escape inspiration.

Throught my bikes I try to find balance between aesthetics and functionality, between the beautiful and the practical, attending to the subtlety of the details.


No. 22 Bicycle Company

No. 22 strives to create forward-thinking, feature rich titanium frames tempered by a legacy of experience. Our frames are made entirely in-house in our Johnstown, NY production facility. Our small team of craftsmen have over 50 years of titanium framebuilding experience between them, which comes through in every frame we build.


Maker -


Designer -

Where -


Johnstown, NY, USA


Old Grey Electric Co

I build all sorts of bicycles in my seaside workshop in East Sussex. All of my frames are made from steel, and are welded through electric wizardry ; with the deliberate intent aim for something fun, tough, and simple that you will be stoked to ride”.

Maker - Tom Booth

Designer - Tom Booth

Where -

Telephone - +44 7976 914088

owen wheels

High quality, bespoke bicycle wheels, expertly hand built in South London by Pete Owen.

Maker - Pete Owen


Designer -

Where -




I am Carlos, from Murcia (Spain), owner of Oxia Cycles. I have been in the cycling world for 27 years where I have worked as a mechanic UCI in the World Cup, the Olympics and other competitions. In recent years I have run my own repair, sales and bicycle tour business in La Manga del Mar Menor.

I currently make custom steel dreams. Tired of not finding in the market what I wanted, I decided to take the step and start an arduous training until today. I design and build frames where I put all my passion and knowledge for a single goal: your happiness to see your bike every day.

My workshop is located in a unique enclave in southern Spain where I learn, design and create the history of every bicycle I build.

Maker - Carlos


Designer - Carlos

Where - Spain