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2018 Exhibitor Information

Please feel free to use this logo to let people know you will be here

Unloading and Parking Information  - Click to download

Stand Plan - Click to download

Exhibitor Listing With Electrics Click to download

Exhibitor Application Information

The lighting options

Lighting and Electrics




Spot light on bar (only available on the stands listed below) - Cost per Spotlight ,  (as pictured) £15 (Plus VAT)


Lighting Stand with 2 x Spotlights - £72 (Plus VAT)


2 x lighting stand with 2 x 2 spotlights £140 (Plus Vat


Due to the position of an in situ lighting bar at the venue only the following stands can make use of the par can (spot lights)


Lighting - Spot Lights on Bar

Only certain can stand can have these due to proximity to the lighting bar

51 -85 and the green stands directly opposite, 4, 11, 17 etc  (contact if in any doubt)





1 double electrical socket - £40 (plus vat)




Exhibitor Pass Registration


Please register for your passes here


The number of passes allocated for each stand is below.

 - Passes limited by stand size


Newbuilders    - 2

1.5m x 3m (yellow)   - 2

1.75 m x 3.5m (red)  - 2

2.5m x 3m (blue)   - 3

2.5m x 3.5m (green)  - 3

Orange - (various)  - 4





The Dates and Times for the Show


Set up - Thursday 19th April - 12.00 - 22.00 (the building will be locked at 22.00)  Exhibitor Set Up (unloading details provided in a separate email)


Please note that all exhibitors must have unloaded their display items into on Thursday 19th April


Friday 20th April -  9.00 - door open for exhibitors


    11.00 - 14.00 The show opens - Press Preview


    14.00 -  19.00 - Public Opening


    19.30 - 20.30 - Exhibitor Party - Brunel’s Old Station


    20.30 - Other parties organised by people other than ourselves (details to follow)


Saturday 21st April  9.30 - 18.00  Public Opening


Sunday 22nd April  10.00 - 16.30 Public Opening


    17.00 - Take down - Please note that stands must not be taken down before this time



Show Guide Information


We are putting together the show guide and will be using the information on the website here please check your information is correct and if not please let me have the correct information.




After the feedback from previous years the awards at the show will be the following for this year:-


Awards to be presented Friday 20th during the show


Road - Cyclist Magazine Choice  (3 selected)

Road  - Choice  -

MTB - Singletrack Magazine Choice  (3 selected)

Cross/Gravel - Grit CX  Choice (3 selected)

Touring - Cycling UK (TBC) Choice  (3 selected)

Town/Cargo  - Bike Radar Choice  (3 selected)


Judge selected Awards


Best in Show - 1 Winner

Technical Excellence Award (Supported by Reynolds) (3 selected)

Outstanding Finish/Paint Award (Supported by Brooks) (3 selected)

Best New Framebuilder Award (Winner +  1 runner up)

Steve Worland Innovation Award (Winner Only)



Announced 3pm Sunday 21st


Public Vote (Supported by Cyclist Magazine)    - Winner + 2 Runners Up

Peer Award (Supported by Columbus)  - Winner + 1 Runner Up


Tickets and Marketing Material in the Post


We will be sending out in the post marketing material along with a number of free ticket.

If you require additional tickets please contact us and we will give you a voucher code for 1/2 price tickets.




There will be free wifi for you to use - the codes will be given to you upon set up arrival



Stand Information


- Please note that as previous years shows the space you have is open plan (space only)  there is no shell scheme provided.


- If your stand joins another please keep all branded material facing inwards on the adjoining wall (so your logo is not displayed on the stand next to you).


- Please use the stand list to see who your adjoining stand is and contact them if you need to.




We take security very seriously at Bespoked


During show opening times you are responsible for the items on your stand. Bicycles will not be allowed to leave the venue without a badged exhibitor pass (and exhibitor). We will have security in the premises at all times from Thursday 19th - Sunday 22nd April.


We recommend that you lock all bicycles when not attended and that you have insurance to cover your items.



Important stand Information - Yellow (1.5 x 3m) Stands 51 - 62

Your stand is situated between 2 pillars (see picture below - ) which the pillar is partly within. If you were thinking of making a floor etc then these pillars would need to be taken into considerations.


The pillars have a diameter of 40cm and are located in the corners of your space, the annotated photo along with the plan should explain this.


If you require parcels to be delivered or picked up outside of 19th - 22nd April then you will need to use our freight forwarders


There will be a fee to use this service but this will just be a direct passing on of the cost, it is about £15 each way


Please fill in the form online to let us know how much you will be needing.


Shipping - Parcel Delivery - Direct to venue (must arrive on (not before or after) 19th - 22nd)


If you wish to ship your items directly to the venue please use the address below Arrival must be - Thursday 19th April before 12noon


Your Name

Bespoked Bristol C/o Phil Taylor

Exhibition Space Passenger Shed

Brunel's Old Station,

Station Approach,

Temple Meads




If you wish to ship your products to our forwarders for arrival at 12 noon on Thursday 19th April please use the following address


Mission Impossible Couriers Ltd

Your Company - Bespoked - Passenger Shed

Unit 2,

Lawrence Hill Industrial Park,

Croydon Street,





Shipping Pick Up


If you require parcels to be collected after the show has closed this service must be used!


As the show closes on Sunday evening we have arranged shipping forwarders to collect all items being shipped from the venue for your shipping company to pick up from


Mission Impossible Couriers Ltd

Bespoked - Your Company Name

Unit 2,

Lawrence Hill Industrial Park,

Croydon Street,




Your shipping company must pick up the parcel on Monday 23rd April from the above address